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Amazing mirrors


Experience The Amazing Mirror Maze and So Much More!

The Amazing Mirror Maze is an interactive visual adventure designed by the world's most creative design team, to stimulate and challenge your mind. But the Maze is just part of the fun!

Experience the excitement as you navigate your way through seven different attractions in this unique fun-filled journey through the incredible! With three levels of adventure, The Amazing Maze is one of the largest mirror maze attractions in the world, with endless hallways, infinite reflections, and a new twist and turn waiting around ever corner. A true mind-blowing masterpiece!

This is fun for the whole family, a great team building exercise, or a great way to challenge yourself and your friends. Let the FUN BEGIN!

All-Day Pass for All-Day Fun

We've got the best deal in San Antonio's Alamo Plaza! Not only do you get to experience SEVEN amazing attractions for one low price, but you also get to have fun all day long.

We are the only entertainment venue in the area where every ticket is an ALL-DAY PASS. No upgrade needed to enjoy the mazes as many times as you like - it's never the same experience twice!

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Mirror Maze
Vault Laser
Escape Street
Black Hole

Treats for Everyone

Treats for Everyone

Stop in for a Treat at River Sweets Candy

For sweet treat fanatics and candy lovers, a stop at River Sweets Candy is a must! We seek out and select hundreds of the very best candy and varieties you can imagine. This sweet destination has a little bit of everything from your favorites to those unique treats you can't find anywhere else. Stop by and check it out!

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7 attractions in 1

It’s the Best Value in Alamo Plaza San Antonio

The Amazing Mirror Maze 4D Experience

Get lost in the world's most mind-blowing, fun-filled Amazing Mirror Maze! This dizzying labyrinth challenges you to navigate through a baffling and seemingly endless maze of mirrors that is exhausting, fun and impossible to do just once!

The Vault Laser Maze

Do you have what it takes to complete this heart-pounding, action-movie mission? Make your way through the Vault by crawling, bending, and jumping laser beams without breaking them. Race your friends to the finish and see who can get the higher score!

Infinity Maze

Step inside infinity and lose track of where you set and where you are going in this endless abyss of reflections and infinite hallways. Will you make it out?

Holographic Maze

Explore a boundless maze of holographic mirrors that fill archways and walls with spectacular scenes that will transport you to foreign lands, outer space and everywhere in between. 

Funny Mirrors

Crack yourself up as our funhouse mirrors make you as tall as a giant, short as a toddler, thin as a noodle, and round as a beach ball. Your sides will hurt from laughing as you bulge, stretch, and wobble your way around. Instagram-worthy, for sure!

Escape Street

Want a great escape room experience? How about SIX of them?! Our escape rooms are a pulse-pounding thrill of puzzles, clues and codes that players must work together to decipher. Each clue will lead you to another clue, and hopefully you'll find your way out....

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Amazing Mirror Map Amazing Mirror Map