A Fun Family Experience Everywhere You Look!

We welcome you to experience some of the best San Antonio attractions you won’t find anywhere else! Our team has created The Amazing Mirror Maze to share our love of mind-bending visual effects that will have you seeing things in a whole new way. 

Our maze of mirrors is one of the most exciting and unique attractions that the entire family can enjoy! See infinite reflections of yourself in every direction. Encounter surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles that defy logic. See if you can find your way and become an Amazing Mirror Maze Master!

The Amazing Mirror Maze is designed to be a fun family experience that will appeal to children, teenagers and adults alike. 

If you’re downtown searching for maze of mirrors near me, you’re sure to find us. Our amazing mirror maze adventure and other attractions are located in a historic 4-story building across from the Alamo right by the Riverwalk. You can’t miss us! 

Visit an Amazing Mirror Maze Near Me

We Have Even More Fun Things to do in San Antonio!

Our team had so much fun creating The Amazing Mirror Maze design we couldn’t stop there! We’re a group of innovators that use our talents in the best way we know how - to create a fun family experience that brings everyone enjoyment. If we can show you something you’ve never seen and provide a few hours of pure entertainment we’ve done our job. 

Our goal is even easier to accomplish now that we’ve added the Infinity Room, The Vault Laser Maze and Escape Street on the upper level. We are pushing ourselves to test the boundaries of maze and puzzle design in new ways. We’re sure what we’ve come up with so far will blow your mind!

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to build three floors of fun in the Alamo Plaza downtown over the last decade. We can’t wait to see what we’ll create in the next 10 years!

Want to Know More?

We’re proud to be a part of the world-renowned Phillips Entertainment family. Phillips Entertainment has created some of the best attractions in Texas since 1964.

We are constantly on the cutting edge of mirror maze design, technology and construction. Give us a call for more information at 210-224-2288 or email us at info@AmazingMazes.com.